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Welcome to

UPrep–State St.


Welcome to United Preparatory Academy – State St.

At UPrep, our mission is to ensure all of our scholars are on the path to college! To accomplish this, we establish a positive, rigorous, and joyful culture in every classroom. We push our young scholars hard, and it's inspiring to see them grow so fast. We are fortunate to have outstanding, dedicated teachers who go the extra mile for kids, and we are grateful that families trust us with the responsibility of educating their children.

–Kimberly Williams, School Director


School Day

Most United Preparatory Academy students ride the bus and will arrive at 8:40 AM. Students who do not ride the bus should arrive at United Preparatory Academy every day by 8:50 AM to be counted as on time. 


School Calendar

The United Preparatory Academy school year runs from August 22, 2018, through June 5, 2019. School hours are from 8:40 AM to 4:00 PM every day. 


Additional Documents:

The 2018-19 South-Western City Schools Transportation Request Form

UPrep's handbook, with more information on school supplies and a sample schedule, can be found below.

2018-19 UPrep-State St. Scholar & Family Handbook
Read a copy of our Anti-Harassment, Intimidation, Bullying, and Dating Violence Policy.

United Preparatory Academy – State St.
617 West State St.
Columbus, OH 43215
Phone: 614-381-7188  Fax: 614-375-1337
Contact: Kimberly Williams

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Interested in seeing if UPREP–State St. is right for your child?


To enroll for the current school year please contact the school.


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Our Team

Check out our careers pages to find leadership, teaching, and operations opportunities to join this team!


Marcellette Browne | Kindergarten
Kathryn Cherkas | 1st Grade Math
Jessica Corkins | 5th Grade Science and Social Studies, Grade-Level Chair
Paul Cowan | Associate Director of Scholar Life
Miguel Daza | 4th Grade Science and Social Studies
Alysse Fireman | 2nd Grade ELA
Samantha Goble | 3rd Grade Science and Social Studies
Allyson Guarino | Kindergarten
Tatiana Jackson | 1st Grade ELA
Abigail Jank | 4th Grade ELA, Grade Level Chair

Sophia Johnson | Kindergarten
Emily Kearns
 | 3rd Grade ELA, Grade-Level Chair
Elizabeth Kelly | Intervention Specialist
Samantha Kelly | 4th Grade Math
Erin Kulma | 1st Grade Science & Social Studies Teacher
Samantha Mason | 2nd Grade Science and Social Studies
Ellen McIlvaine | 3rd Grade Math
Alexis Pierce | Kindergarten, Grade Level Chair
Connor Rigney | Office Coordinator
Caitlin Routson | Director of Curriculum & Instruction
Devin Sheline | 5th Grade ELA
Brianna Shepherd | Teaching Fellow
Allison Sillin | 2nd Grade Math, Grade-Level Chair
Lauren Swaidner | Director of Scholar Life
Kimberly Williams | School Director
Chelsea Wilson |  Senior Operations Manager
Rim Yoseph | 5th Grade Math 



Kim Dressel Vice-Chair | Operations Manager, Navigator Management Partners

Clare Miller Member | Senior Vice President of Talent Management, Huntington

Jerry Tsai - Chair | Director of Business Development, Acceptd, Inc. and Co-Founder & President, EmpowerBus LLC

Cara Vendeville - Member | Recruiter, Teach For America

Doug Vonderhaar Secretary/Treasurer | Associate, BakerHostetler