Middle Schools

Columbus Collegiate Academy (CCA) schools provide a public, tuition and fee free, college-prep education to students in Columbus, Ohio.

What makes a CCA education exceptional?

Our student excellence starts with an intensive curriculum that focuses on skill development, especially in literacy and mathematics. In order to maximize every instructional moment, our schools commit to a longer school day (8:40am - 4:00pm) that includes extended literacy and mathematics blocks to ensure proficiency in basic skills.


Through intentional character development, varied academic enrichments and extracurricular activities, and a joyful culture that celebrates student growth, CCA scholars continually move closer to the colleges and careers of their dreams.

While our schools educate students through 8th grade, CCA’s High School Placement Program bridges the gap between 8th and 9th grades through high school visits, one-on-one counseling, and application assistance, ensuring that our students attend the top high schools in Columbus.

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CCA–Main St.

1469 East Main Street (Near East Side)
Columbus, Ohio 43205
School Director: Mel Burkeet
Grades: 6-8
Phone: 614-299-5284
Fax: 614-299-5303
Office Contact: Briana Black
Email: bblack@unitedschoolsnetwork.org

To enroll for the current school year, please call our main office at 614-299-5284.


CCA–Dana Ave.

300 Dana Avenue (Franklinton)
Columbus, Ohio 43223
School Director: Jenna Cook
Grades: 6-8
Phone: 614-545-9570
Fax: 888.971.4373
Office Contact: Ashley Brancamp
Email: abrancamp@unitedschoolsnetwork.org

To enroll for the current school year, please call Jessica McAdoo at 614-381-7009.