Elementary Schools

United Preparatory Academy schools provide a public, tuition and fee free, college-prep education to elementary school students in Columbus, Ohio.

What makes a UPrep education exceptional?

Our student excellence starts with an academically rigorous curriculum that focuses on foundational concepts in literacy, mathematics, science, and social studies. In order to maximize every instructional moment, our schools commit to a longer school day (8:40am - 4:00pm) that includes extended literacy and mathematics blocks to ensure proficiency in basic skills.

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The Third Grade Reading Guarantee ensures that children are reading proficiently by the end of third grade, and receiving early supports when they’re off track. This score places UPrep 11.6 percentage points above the district average, and mirrors the statewide average.



1469 East Main St.
Columbus, OH 43205 (Near East side)
School Director: Valerie Kunze
Grades: K-2 in 2019-20, growing to K-3 in 2020-21
Main Line: 614-586-1228
Fax: 855-811-2007
Office Contact: Katie Byram
Email: kbyram@unitedschoolsnetwork.org

To enroll for the current school year, please call our main office at 614-586-1228


UPREP-State st.

617 West State St.
Columbus, OH 43215 (Franklinton)
School Director: Kimberly Williams
Grades: K-5
Main Line: 614-453-8993
Fax: 614-375-1337
Office Contact: Connor Rigney
Email: crigney@unitedschoolsnetwork.org

To enroll for the current school year, please contact Kimberly Williams: 614-381-7188