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Our Application Process


Successful candidates can expect the following four phases of the application and hiring process.

1. Online Application

Interested applicants can find our online application through our Careers page. The application is the place to share your contact information, resume, and cover letter, as well as tell us a little more about yourself.

2. Phone Screen

Our team will review your application, and if your skills and experience are a match for the position(s) you applied for, a member of our team will reach out to you and schedule a phone screen. This 15-20 minute phone conversation is designed to give us a better understanding of what your career goals are and afford you an opportunity to learn more about United Schools Network.

3. HireVue Interview

The third phase of the application process is the HireVue interview which is a recorded video interview that allows applicants to share more about their experience in an innovative format that combines media, convenience, and authenticity.

4. In-Person Interview and Demo Lesson

In the final phase of the application process, candidates are invited to visit one or more of our schools and share their practice with us. For teaching roles, this stage includes a sample lesson on-campus with our scholars. For non-instructional roles, this stage includes a practical task where you are able to showcase your skills. Afterward, you will have an opportunity to debrief your sample lesson or practical task and interview with us.

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Career Opportunities

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The Way Forward

United Schools Network's team is guided by three elements that are the foundation of our work and lead our staff to greatness.

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