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Alumni Services

Our support never stops.


When our students graduate from a United Schools Network middle school, we make every effort to make sure they land in a high-quality high school that will help them meet their goals. United Schools Network’s Alumni Services Program works to support our graduates in their journeys to and through college or other post-secondary options.


Supporting Our Alumni

The Alumni Services Program Supports students at three levels:

8th Grade Students:

8th grade students, in cooperation with the Deans of Family and Community Engagement, receive information about college-preparatory high schools, counseling and support in the application process, and encouragement to find the best-fit high school.

High School Students:

High school students receive regular face-to-face check-ins to provide counseling on high school success and graduation requirements, information on choosing a best-fit college, and support through the college application and financial aid process. Alumni attend workshops — such as study skills, summer assignment assistant, understanding graduation requirements, and ACT test preparation — and college visits several times each year.

College-Enrolled Students:

College-enrolled students receive counseling via virtual or face-to-face check-ins on a wide variety of issues, such as choosing a major, finances, internships, or networking & fitting in on campus. Alumni Services also offers one-on-one college coaching and emergency micro-grants to improve college persistence and graduation rates.

Contact Info

Amber Palmer
Alumni Services Coordinator

After USN

USN alumni matriculate to top high schools and colleges, including…

High schools

Arts and College Preparatory Academy
Columbus Academy
Columbus Alternative High School
Cristo Rey High School
Eastmoor Academy
Fort Hayes High School
Metro Institute of Technology
Saint Charles Preparatory School
Saint Francis DeSales High School
The Charles School


Bowling Green State University
Brown University
Columbus State Community College
Eastern Michigan University
Georgetown University
North Carolina A&T University
Notre Dame College
Ohio State University
University of Akron
University of Cincinnati
Wilberforce University